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Christer Afséer – résumé of merits

Christer born on the west coast of  Sweden, has grown up with dogs. Handling and taking care of some (almost crazy) foxterriers, gave a big experience in difficult dogs. Beside being much out in the nature from childhood a lot of physical training by running, gymnastics and later skiing resulted in a strong and endurable body and will. In 1986 the first malamute was bought and 1988 the sekond.
The racing with malamutes started around 1990 first in nordic style and then in sleddog style. During the nineties Christer participated in numerous races both shorter and longer distances   as Femundslöpet with alaskan malamutes. Among the merits counts SM (Swedish Championship), winner in Nordic Open,  total winner in Polarhundslöpet (Norway) 10 (or 11) times,total winner in Technical Trail (300 km), best time of malamute teams in Polar Distans 2008 and 2009 (which also was the second best time in total).
Now he is looking forward to Finnmarkslöpet 2010...
Through the long sleddog tours with tourists Christer is out in the mountain between 70 and 90 days a normal winter.

Polardistans 300, 1.Place (2010)

Presentation of the idea and project ”The Malamute Quest”


In march 2008 I met Hendrik Stachnau after he had done the short Finnmarkslopet (500 km) as the first pure bred malamute team ever. I myself had done very well in Polar Distans (340 km) and won my class. This gave us inspiration to take on bigger tasks but for this it would be better to cooperate in the future and help each other with support, information, knowledge and dogs for the big events like the long Femundslöpet (600 km), short and long Finnmarkslöpet (500 / 1000 km). The ultimate quest would be to take a purebred malamute team through the Yukon Quest. But for this challenge we needed to be more persons in our Quest team.
A natural participant in the team are Kristin Esseth who is my working and living partner. She is the one who have the closest relation to the puppies and young dogs on our kennel and she has also a successful experience with races and outdoor life. And together we run a tourist company with dog sled tours in wintertime.
The fourth member in the team is Tony Meyer who has good experience with malamutes and outdoor life. His prime submission is to document in photo and film our project and support our website and help with layouts.
Hendrik is the youngest member in our crew but have a long experience with malamutes. He has managed to steady develop his malamute team to one of the most experienced and successful in Europe.
I myself have about 24 years experience with malamutes and about 20 years of racing both in Nordic style and Nome style. I have done several middle and long distance races with malamutes and want to see how far they can bring us in a real tough challenge.

The idea of Malamute Quest

The idea is to breed, develop and train our malamutes so we in 2014 / 2015 are able to participate in the Yukon Quest and run a purebred team to the finish line in a good and sportive way. Hereby we prove that the alaskan malamute have the “head”, body and stamina to run a 1600 km race and can stand up to what the breed standard is saying; “ the malamute is structured for strength and endurance.., ..the gait is tireless and totally efficient”.
Important for us is not to change the malamute into a husky type, but be true to what the breed standard says about a true alaskan malamute.